Our Background

we have been in the industry for 30 years and remains keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends governed by today ’s sophisticated business needs. With our strong presence, depth of experience, and detailed industry knowledge enables us to identify interior design trends at their source, influencing new directions, innovations and design standards at a global level. Our ultimate objective is adding values, raising standards and enhancing experience to project ’s owner and operator.


versatile, creative and innovative, we are comfortable with notions of breaking new ground and originating new concepts. When we are in the concept creation zone, we are confined by no boundary or limitations.


Since 1992, our local strength, knowledge, and relationships, coupled with our renowned expertise, have allowed us to go anywhere to meet our clients’ needs and we are committed to the people and places we serve.


We're attentive when it comes to details, unifying the originality of fresh creative spirit & the discipline of skillful profesionals making sure the best experience are delivered while bringing the project comes to life.

Our Team

Our Service

interior architecture design

we provide full or packaged interior design services covering concept initiation, schematic space planning, characterization detailing, working drawings, tendering & supervision.

strategic studies for SOP

space occupancy programming is important for a long term view of the impact of corporate growth into the future & what adjustment needed on the facilities to accommodate the growth.

space test fit plan

a space test fit plan using appropriate layout of the space can quickly reveal if the space is suitable or not to proceed since it may not effectively accommodate the needs and practice requirements.

standardization guidelines

working space standardization guidelines are meant to provide details of physical appearance, layout, occupant’s flow and zoning in each unit to create one comprehensive design that enhance the corporate culture & identity.

furniture design & coordination

maximizing the space's look and functionality by recommending and procuring furniture items that help define the image and brand of an organization's environment.

art & equipment assortment

enhance the visual appeal of the newly designed premises with personalized arrangements of artwork, fixtures, planters and other decorative pieces that gives finesse to the project.

inventory & accommodation planning

short to medium term accommodation planning, related to existing leases and required inventory including assessment of furniture & equipment.

project management services

for those occasions when the design process is handled within the client’s own organization & the need is limited to implementation, local qualification and quality control.

total design & project management

for organizations who believe that project preparation, design, construction and delivery should all be coordinated under the total responsibility of one party.

project budgeting, QS & estimation

for organizations who need calculations of the total project requirement, variations occur during construction until closing report which will be used for internal audited report.

design maintenance services

optional after sales services to keep pace with changes & to provide an objective view of current circumstances versus the original objectives.

architectural & design services

we provide logo design, full corporate livery, wayfinding graphics, identity, directional and precinct signage.

What We Do

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Our Specialities

  • quantity surveying
  • resource centre
  • design experts
  • drawing system
  • licensed softwares
  • insurances
we have fully qualified professional team with exemplary past work portfolios & high experience in the interior design field.
we have dedicated staff to manage a full time facility for product research, specification analysis & the investigation of vendors qualifications.
we have fully qualified team of auto-cad specialists providing details in project layout and design and also a team who are specialized in 3d for walk through images and design presentation.
we have our own server with cloud services to manage big size files for drawings coordination & submissions between consultants and clients.
we only used original licensed/legal software and programs as our policy
we have a policy for professional indemnity insurance as a part of our standard operation protocols.
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